TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:The Indonesian Consumer Foundation (YLKI) says the police should not have closed a case regarding a car accident that claimed the life of Olivia Dewi this March.

The YLKI believes the case should be further investigated to determine who is responsible for the incident.

�[The case] should not be closed in such a rush,� said Sudaryatmo from the YLKI during a discussion on auto industries and consumer protection in Jakarta on Sunday. The police, according to Sudaryatmo, should further investigate whether the auto industry was responsible for the incident as the Nissan Juke caught on fire in the accident. �For instance, the positioning of the car battery could serve as an indication,� said Sudaryatmo.

Applying legal proceedings would shed light on the case, argues the YLKI. For Nissan, the incident will have a certain impact. If the court ruling finds the company not guilty, then Nissan�s image as automotive manufacturer will be improved. On the other hand, any error that led to the accident is likely to harm the reputation of the company. ***I WAYAN AGUS PURNOMO

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